a transformative photo project

Shooting the Art Basel portraits with a small camera changed the way I think about photography. Too often, photographers place such importance on gear that it gets in the way of creation. In reality, gear has very little to do with the creation process. 

I was in the middle of a creative block and needed to do something to shake it up so I took a creative risk. I grabbed a small camera and challenged myself to have a creative breakthrough by capturing as many beautiful street portraits as I could in a weekend. At the end of the weekend I ended up with well over a hundred street portraits but what's more is that I connected with each and ever person on socials. I got some art, they got a beautiful portrait and we connected. To me this is what photography is about.

By seeing my creative block as a challenge not only did I overcome my fears but I created a lasting body of work and connected with some wonderful human beings. Overcoming my fears has gifted me priceless rewards artistically and spiritually. I hope this project inspires you to face your creative fears and to reach new levels with your photography.

Carry Less, Create More - Giulio