The Art Spirit Connection

We are here to create, it's what makes us human. When we create we become in touch with a space that is beyond language. while in the sacred space of the creator, time slows and we are in touch with our authentic selves. We've all faced this truth, this enlightenment that can be described simply as God.

For this episode of Creator's Path, I'm talking with Father Anthony Falsarella who's a monk and professional photographer. We talk about the art/spirit connection, the work Father Anthony has created for the Greek Orthodox Church and how he's become a photomonk.

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The Commoditization of Photography

The Commoditization of Photography

Today iPhones/iPads are now good enough to create sellable work.

Dedicated cameras sales are rocky and camera stores are closing.

Dedicated cameras have peaked out with tech.

The mid range clients are gone leaving only the low end and high end markets available.


Photography has become a commodity.

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